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Campus Administration


Administrative Information


Office of the Chancellor

Carl A. Stockton


Campus Governance

Office of the Provost

Campus Organization

Mrinal Mugdh Varma
色姑娘综合网久久一个色综合亚洲色综合久久偷拍国产在线视频色姑娘综合站 Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor



Office of Advancement


Eve Rhea
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Jessie Rosa
Director of Athletics



Office of Financial & Administrative Services


Scott Parsons
Vice Chancellor for Financial & Administrative Services 



Office of University Communications


Troy Johnson
色姑娘综合网久久一个色综合亚洲色综合久久偷拍国产在线视频色姑娘综合站 Executive Director of University Communications



Office of Human Resources


Nicole Whitehead
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Information Technology Services


Tobias Mense
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Office of University Marketing  

Keri Burnett
色姑娘综合网久久一个色综合亚洲色综合久久偷拍国产在线视频色姑娘综合站 Executive Director of University Marketing



Office of Collaborative Partnerships and Distance Education


Shanta Varma
Special Assistant/Advisor to the Chancellor for Collaborative Partnerships and Distance Education Initiatives



Office of Student Affairs


Sameer Pande
色姑娘综合网久久一个色综合亚洲色综合久久偷拍国产在线视频色姑娘综合站 Associate Provost for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs





Administrative Offices

Diversity & Multicultural Affairs Financial Affairs
Human Resources Information Technology Services
Institutional Effectiveness Office of Advancement
Office of the Provost Office of Sponsored Programs
Strategic Communications and Marketing Student Affairs


Administrative Resources

Mission & Vision Statement
SACS Accreditation
Strategic Plan